Tell your favorite restaurateur about Bryant Heights


**UPDATE** We have received this message today, June 8th, 2015 about the status of the restaurant application process:  “Thank you to the community members who have given input on the types of restaurants you would like to see at the new Bryant Heights development.  One of our most successful experiences was a community member telling a restaurant about opportunities at Bryant Heights. The restaurant called their Broker and had them contact us.  We had good discussions and in the end the restaurant operator decided the opportunity was not the right fit for them.  Please keep talking to your favorite restaurants and encouraging them to check us out.  We appreciate the community input and help in finding some restaurant concepts that will be great additions the neighborhood”


Polygon Northwest, the developers of the Bryant Heights project, would like the neighborhood to have a say in what kind of restaurant (or retail) should go into the two “bookend” spaces on NE 65th, on the corners of 32nd and 34th Avenue NE.  Neighbors are encouraged to print out/email this PDF (Leasing_Bryant_Heights) and take it to your favorite restaurateur.


commercial_ABoth commercial spaces are over 2,000 square feet and include outdoor eating space.  There will be a total of 10 car parking spaces and parking for 73 bikes on NE 65th, 32nd NE, 34th NE, as well as inside the garage.


Corner of 34th

In a survey that RBCA did in late 2013, 75% of the people who patronized businesses on NE 65th lived within 10 blocks, and new businesses opening along will make it easier for people to go to restaurants and stores without having to fight traffic.  Also, the number of families in RBCA has increased in the past ten years, and many of those bike or walk to school.   New restaurants in our neighborhood that cater to the walk/bike crowd are already coming to NE 45th and further west on 65th.

35th_plan_65_nodeThe 35th Ave Committee’s final report also clearly shows that the neighborhood would like to see more viable retail and a more walkable business district.  Although the Bryant Heights project is not on 35th Ave NE itself, it is still considered part of the 35th Ave Business District.  Very little new development with commercial space is being built in our neighborhood, so this is a rare opportunity to take part in shaping the future of our community.

What would YOU like to see in this new commercial space?  Please help spread the word by telling your neighbors and talking to your favorite restaurateurs.

Walt Hill

My choice would be for an eatery/pub somewhere between The Pub at Third Place and the Wedgwood Alehouse. A comfortable, casual place with a menu that includes excellent staples and a few interesting and unusual items. An extensive on-tap beer selection is a must. Parking would be a plus.

Mary olson

We already have a great breakfast, lunch and dinner place ( the Bryant corner cafe), wonderful German and Mediterranean down the street and pubs in the general area. What about Indian or Italian?

Don Pickens

Walt & Chris – Thank you so much for your input! Great ideas – we also got a call from a broker representing a restaurant where one of the community members told them about the Bryant Heights project. Keep the ideas coming – we appreciate it! For future ideas, my contact information is available by clicking the “Leasing Bryant Heights” link above.


An Asian fusion restaurant like Revel in Fremont and Joule on Stone Way, though keep them casual. I still miss the Asia Grill that was in the U Village over fifteen years ago (and not happy with either restaurant that has occupied that space since).

All of our favorite restaurants are on/bordered by NE 55th on the north, 25th NE on the west, NE 45th one the south and Sand Point Way on the east… which is where we live. I don’t want those restaurants to be lured further away, as we are seventeen blocks south of 65th. Though it would be nice to have more alternatives to get away from Husky football crowds (which is how we discovered Heidelberg Haus).


Whatever we get I am sure it will be overpriced because the rent will be high. In other words it probably will not be the kind of low key alehouse or family restaurant that the neighborhood needs


Trader Joe’s!!!!! I’m not sure if there’s enough space, but it would be amazing. And a delicious coffee shop that’s not Starbucks. Also really like the new Josh Henderson complex in Laurelhurst (Great State Burger + Saint Helens) so you can choose between super casual but organic/grass fed fast food and a nice evening out. Or Renee Erickson’s complex on Capitol Hill (General Porpoise + Bateau) so you can get delicious coffee/doughnuts or have a steak dinner.