Ravenna-Bryant Community Association

Serving the Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods in Seattle, WA

Ravenna-Bryant Community Association - Serving the Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods in Seattle, WA

RBCA Board to View Proposed 35th Zoning Changes

On Tuesday, September 9th from 7-9 p.m. at Ravenna Eckstein Community Center, the RBCA board will hear a presentation from the 35th Ave Committee Chair, Per Johnson, on the new zoning and streetscape recommendations along 35th from 65th to 95th.  The presentation can be viewed here.  Residents are welcome to attend, as always.

75th would increase from 4 stories to 6 at the Safeway

75th would increase from 4 stories to 6 at the Safeway

RBCA’s boundaries go north to 75th, so the presentation on Tuesday September 7th will focus on the 35th Ave nodes of 65th and 75th.  Both nodes have proposed upzones and/or height changes to current zoning.  There are also supplemental guidelines that aim to make 35th a more pedestrian friendly corridor; added sidewalk width, maximized commercial ceiling height to bring in more restaurants etc., and better corner crossing at nodes, for example.

The population of Seattle is expected to increase by about 100,000 new people
over the next twenty years.  In NE Seattle, light rail will make it easier
for people to live in the Ravenna-Bryant area and commute downtown and
connect with other neighborhoods without a car.  Our neighborhood schools
continue to attract young families who want to ensure their kids get a good
education and live in safe, walkable neighborhoods.  To plan for the likely
increase in people who want to live in the Ravenna-Bryant area and to ensure
that our community remains a safe, pedestrian-friendly, attractive place to
live, neighborhood volunteers have drafted this plan to meet that vision.  Please come hear more about it Tuesday September 9th from 7-9 p.m. at Ravenna Eckstein Community Center.



Need Your Comments:New Zoning Recommendations for 35th


Proposed changes for 75th/35th

Proposed changes for 75th/35th

The public comment period for streetscape guidelines and zoning recommendations proposed for the 35th Ave NE Business District has been extended until Friday August 15th, 2014.  The plan was developed by the 35th Ave Committee and their consultants (Makers Architecture & SvR Design) following a series of three public workshops.   While all 3 public workshops were well attended, the 35th Ave Committee has included this new public comment period to allow anyone who couldn’t make the public workshops an opportunity to provide feedback.  After August 15th, the plan will be tweaked as needed and finalized.   The RBCA board will discuss this plan at our September board meeting on September9, 7-9 p.m. at Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (moved to the second Tuesday due to Labor Day Weekend).


You can see July 31st’s presentation and review the proposed streetscape guidelines, supplemental design guidelines, and zoning recommendations on the project’s website. Here are summaries of Public Workshop 1 and Public Workshop 2 if you’re interested as well. Public comments and/or questions should be sent to 35thplan@gmail.com


The 35th Ave Commitee is a group of neighbors who have volunteered since 2011 to pursue a proactive plan for the 35th Ave NE business district.  They include residents from Wedgwood, Ravenna, Bryant, View Ridge, and Hawthorne Hills and are not paid by or work for developer or the City.  However, this current planning has been funded through a grant from the City’s Department of Neighborhoods.  While the 35th Ave Committee includes board of trustee members from both the Wedgwood Community Council (WCC) and RBCA, the 35th Ave Committee is not affiliated with either group.  However, both the WCC and RBCA have endorsed the 35th Ave Committee and this current planning effort.

Tonight: Final public workshop about improving 35th Ave NE streetscape

Future of 35th Ave NE
Thurs, July 31st, 7-9PM
Messiah Lutheran Church
7050 35th Ave NE

The final public workshop to proactively plan for change along 35th Ave NE is scheduled for Thursday, July 31st, from 7-9PM in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs) at Messiah Lutheran Church.

Two previous public workshops took place in May and June where the community provided feedback on streetscape designs and potential zoning changes. About 80 people attended each meeting and provided excellent feedback that has shaped the community driven plan.

At this final public workshop, attendees will be able to provided feedback on the proposed streetscape design guidelines and zoning recommendations. This will be the final opportunity to provide formal feedback on the recommendations.

Make sure to tell your neighbors, friends, and family about the public workshop and bring a neighbor or two along with you.