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Serving the Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods in Seattle, WA

Ravenna-Bryant Community Association - Serving the Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods in Seattle, WA

U-Link Transit Re-Structure Open House

Board Member Chris Fiori provides this update on how we can participate in the process to access the new Light Rail Station at Husky Stadium in the early part of 2016:
King County Metro is in the midst of a public process around restructuring its transit service for routes that can connect to the new Sound Transit U-Link Stations (Capitol Hill and UW Husky Stadium), which open for service in Q1 2016. RBCA, among other groups, has lobbied King County Metro to look at ways to provide direct, high-qulaity transit connections to the UW Husky Stadium. This month, King County Metro proposed two Alternative Restructures: Alternative 1 is substantial re-structure of the existing Northeast Seattle transit network and Alternative 2 is similar to today’s network with additional connections to the Link Station. Much, much more detail about the first alternative can be found at the Seattle Transit blog here: http://seattletransitblog.com/2015/03/09/alternative-1-northeast-seattle/.
Frequent NE Seattle map
At first glance, Alternative 1 presents a major improvements in the transit service by creating a “gridded” network of frequent routes, with a much better connection to the planned LINK Station than exists today. On the other hand, some routes have been consolidated and walk times to the more frequently serviced stops may increase for some people in NE Seattle relative to today’s network. In addition, the bus/train connection at the LINK Station still leaves much to be desired in terms of proximity. 
The Northeast Seattle Open House will be held on Thursday, March 26 at the University Heights Center Room 209, from 6-8 p.m. You are also encouraged to take Metro’s online survey: http://metro.kingcounty.gov/programs-projects/link-connections/  Please help RBCA spread the word about the survey and open house.

March 18th: Meet Your District Candidates Event

The Ravenna-Bryant Community Association is proud to participate as a co-host alongside Hawthorne Hills, View Ride and Laurelhurst Community Councils for the first-ever Seattle District 4 event. Incumbent Councilmember Jean Godden has four official challengers.

To refresh, in 2013 Seattle voters overwhelmingly approved dividing the city into 7 Districts (D1-D7) with one City Council representative each, plus two additional at-large Councilmembers (D8 & D9.) More on the Districts can be found here. The Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods are in District 4, which encompasses NE Seattle south of 85th, roughly east of Interstate-5, and to the Montlake cut with the addition of Eastlake. Here’s a map:

Your District 4

Your District 4


The top-two primary will be this August and the general election the first Tuesday in November, as always, but instead of voting for 9 Councilmembers as we have in the past, D4 members will be registered to vote only for their preferred D4 candidate and the two at-large positions. So educate yourself and attend next week’s event.

The format will be a debate followed by moderated Q&A period. Attendees will be able to submit questions in writing at the beginning of the event, prior to the debate portion. After the debate, moderator Nancy Bolin will call on the people who submitted questions and allow those people to ask their questions of the candidates themselves.

Details on the event:

See Who’s Running for Seattle Council District 4:

Jean Godden

Rob Johnson

Taso Lagos

Michael Maddux

Tony Provine

Wednesday, March 18, 2014 7:30-8:30PM

 Sand Point Community Church’s Perry Hall, 4710 NE 70th Street

Sponsored by

Hawthorne Hills Community Council, View Ridge Community Council, Laurelhurst Community Council, Ravenna-Bryant Community Council

See you there!

Update on Bryant Heights Project and Theodora

A representative from Goodman RE will attend our April 7th, 2015 board meeting (Ravenna Eckstein Community Center 7-9 p.m.) to give an update on their project to remodel the Theodora, just south of the NE District Library.

Just on the other side of 34th Ave NE from the Theodora, the City of Seattle issued the Master Use Permit for the townhome (LR 2) portion of the Bryant Heights Project.  You can read more about this project on NE 65th between 32nd and 34th Ave NE here.

With this land use decision, the City can now begin the process to release or issue the pending and separate demolition permits for the older dormitory (cottage) buildings on the middle of the Bryant Heights property.  Based on current permit issuance cycle, it is estimated that the demolition permits will be released to the team on or before March 23, 2015.  They anticipate that the demolition of these older buildings will take approximately 30 days.  As you may recall, these structures were also used by the Seattle Fire Department for training exercises, consequently, all of the environmental inspection of hazardous materials such as asbestos was previously completed.

Bryant Heights Construction Traffic Plan

Bryant Heights Construction Traffic Plan

As noted on the above plan, all construction personnel will be instructed to park within the confines of the Bryant Heights property.

According to Polygon Homes, the building permits for the actual construction of the townhome buildings are “currently under separate review with the various departments within City of Seattle Planning and Development Department.  At this time, we do not have an update as to when those permits will be released, but will update you once we know more.”