Polygon Homes Gets Started on Project on NE 65th

** UPDATE The file for the Early Design Guidance meeting on Monday January 13th can be seen here. It’s an enormous file, so start the download and then go give the dog a bath.**

*UPDATE: A Notice of Revised Streamlined Design Review has been released, and the comment period for the townhome portion of this project has been extended to January 15th, 2014.*


Polygon Homes, and Johnston Architects, are preparing for the Early Design Guidance Meeting (January 13th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. University Heights room 209) for their project along NE 65th between 32nd and 34th Avenue NE.  You can read more about the sale of the Children’s Home Society here and here and read the Notice of Early Design Guidance here.

NC1-30 Portion


Preliminary Sketches of the Single Family homes, to be located on NE 68th.
Preliminary Sketches of the Single Family homes, to be located on NE 68th.

Preliminary sketches of townhomes, on East side of project along 34th Ave NE


RBCA has been provided with preliminary images for all three portions of this project, as seen above.  Here are the  Concept Images for “Bryant Heights”

The EDG meeting on January 13th 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at University Heights room 209 will be a great opportunity for community members to learn more about *just* the  NC1-30 portion of the project along NE 65th.   The City of Seattle’s design review process for new commercial, multifamily, and mixed-use projects can be seen here .  A different review process is involved for the LR2 townhome portion of the project.  You can learn more about that process here There is no formal design review process for the 14 single family homes on the north side of the property, but Polygon has said they are “working on the houses to make sure the houses fit contextually both in the neighborhood and within the overall block.”

Residents within 300 feet of the site recently received notices from the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) about the “Streamlined Design Review process” for the townhomes.  Townhomes, zoned LR2, do not go through as rigorous a process as the commercial portion of the project , but do still have a design review process.  DPD sent notices to residents within 300 feet of the project notifying them of the commencement of the streamlined process, but incorrectly used the address for the single family portion of the site (the default address for the entire project).  The RBCA Land Use Committee notified Polygon, and DPD will be reissuing the notices for the LR2 (townhome) portion of the site.  It is not clear if this will affect the timeline for this portion of the project.  Again, you can learn more about the Streamlined Design Review process here .

You can see the Bryant Heights Preliminary Project Schedule here.  Polygon aims to complete the entire project by early Summer 2016, with Master Use Permits for the commercial/condo part of the project along NE 65th and townhome portion along 34th Avenue NE in hand by the end of 2014.  Demolition of the single family homes along NE 68th may happen by the 3rd quarter of 2014, and the developer would like to install underground power for the single family homes before the construction of the commercial and townhome portions are started.  Check back with ravennabryant.org, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, to receive updates.