Greater Business Diversity Desired Along NE 65th Street

Construction of the Roosevelt Light Rail Station is underway and development in the surrounding neighborhoods is picking up as well. The Ravenna Bryant Community Association conducted an online survey to find out what people who live, work, drive, bike, walk, and shop on the NE 65th Street, between 15th NE and 40th NE, think about this area. The survey results will assist the Community Association plan for the future of this important part of our neighborhood. Some response summary highlights are below.

Survey Response Q4 and Q5

Six hundred and ten residents submitted responses to the survey and 86% said they lived near the business district, 75% within 10 blocks. Twenty percent visit the businesses daily and 32% visit 2-4 times per week. Twenty-five percent indicated they work near the business district. Seventy-four percent anticipate using the Roosevelt Light Rail Station when it opens with 86% of those planning to walk, bike, or bus to the station.

Fifty-nine percent said they “somewhat” or “strongly” disagreed with the statement that this is their primary business district. Of those who disagreed, 55% attributed this to “not enough variety” and 32% simply “prefer to shop elsewhere.”

Survey Response Q22

Almost 40% drove alone to visit businesses and another 30% walked. While between 88 and 90% responded they felt the district was safe for visiting by foot, car or bus, 57% felt it was unsafe to visit by bike.

Survey Response Q27

Sixty-nine percent responded that they would be comfortable with increased housing and business development if it “improves street scape and walkability.” Fifty-nine percent would be comfortable as long as the development “is well designed.” Thirteen percent indicated they would prefer “no more development.”

Thirty-three percent “somewhat” or “strongly” agreed that this is their primary business district and a majority of those said this was because they live nearby. When indicating their top three reasons for visiting the business district, 67% came to visit a restaurant, 50% to shop, and 45% for coffee. When specifically asked if they would like to see greater diversity of businesses along NE 65th, almost a full 80% responded “yes.”

Survey Response Q24

Nearly 300 respondents included specific feedback in the survey when asked what additional types of businesses they would LIKE TO SEE along NE 65th Street, The following represent some common responses:

“The QFC gone from Roosevelt leaves a gaping hole – should be replaced.”

“If it’s necessary to build at all–small grocery store/pharmacy, coffee shop, bookstore, park or green space, small hardware.”

“Overall more businesses that cater to middle income folks (not high end like U Village). Need hardware store, a good bakery, bookstore/cafe, ethnic grocery store.”

“Eclectic mix of pedestrian-friendly retail, restaurants and cafes with sidewalk tables in front, bookstores, etc.”

“Clothing, owner-operated retail, incubator spaces, art exhibits, more restaurants and cafes, art gallery, health & fitness businesses, ceramics or pottery studio, performance space.”

“Basic services such as shoe repair, dry cleaning, key maker, etc. Perhaps clothing – SMALL boutique- like shops. Art gallery, art supply store, bakery, etc Small locally owned businesses in particular.”

“French bakery, high quality coffee, specialty foods/prepared foods shop, gastropub, ice cream shop, children’s toy and clothing store, stationery/housewares/gift store.”

“Anything that isn’t a chain.”

Comments indicating what types of businesses they would NOT LIKE TO SEE in the business district included:

“Marijuana dispensary, night club, gas station, mini-mart.”

“An auto parts store; payday loans and check cashing places; chain restaurants; anything that’s set back from the street, strip-mall style.”

“Banks, Drug stores, Pet stores, appliance stores, chains. Get rid of Pizza Hut.”

“Anything in the realm of “adult” businesses.”

“More carpet places, exclusive wine shops, collectable toy businesses.”

“Liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries, non-retail businesses (i.e. more doctor/dental offices, lawyers, etc).”

“Please no more yoga studios, massage therapists, nail salons, soap sellers, accountants, financial planners, etc. I’d like to see retail businesses that cater to local neighbors who walk and bike to district.”

“No more large housing developments.”

CONCERNS about increased development included:

“More traffic/increased risk for cyclists and pedestrians.”

“Increased traffic, lack of parking. Bike lane would complicate street traffic, and bike lanes now exist on 75th so not needed on 65th.”

“Buildings that are too tall, increased traffic, nowhere to park, reduced walkability and green space.”

“Adding to already over-crowded schools and no talk of increasing other service such as police, fire, etc.”

“Losing the character of the neighborhood by putting in the same cookie-cutter townhouses and mixed- use retail/apt development that are going up in the CD, Ballard, Cap Hill, etc. And on top of that, of the development pricing out fabulous established businesses and restaurant.”

“That businesses will remain vacant.”

The survey was included as a link in blog posts as well as posted as flyers on community bulletin boards and on neighborhood utility poles. More detailed survey data can be found here: 65th Street Survey Results – Full Content