New connection to Burke-Gilman Trail planned

Seattle Children’s Hospital is preparing to build a connection between the Burke-Gilman Trail and Sand Point Way NE near the intersection with 40th Avenue NE, behind the Hartmann Building.

Here are the two design options:

The "long bridge" option.
The "winding path" option.

In a letter to the community, Seattle Children’s Director of Transportation and Sustainability provides information about the options.

Seattle Children’s has been required to build a connection to the Burke-Gilman Trail through our Hartman property.  This project will provide a valuable connection to the trail. We expect that our neighborhood will benefit greatly by this improvement. Below you will find some information about the project.


  • Suggested by Citizen’s Advisory Group during the Major Institution CAC process for Children’s proposed Master Plan
  • City Council included the connection as a requirement to Seattle Children’s  Master Plan adopted in April 2010
  •   The Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) also weighed in at this time and recommended that this connection to the Trail be built as part of Phase 1 of hospital construction
  • The location of this connection has always been targeted within the setback along the northern boundary of Children’s Hartmann property. 
  • It has always contemplated a slope that would allow easy pedestrian and bicycle access between Sand Point Way NE and the Trail. 
  • Reviewed by Seattle City Council Transportation Committee, the Seattle Design Commission, and our Citizens Advisory Committee
  • The design of the Connection has been subjected to extensive public review and comment, which is still ongoing.
Read the entire letter here.  It includes details about both options.