3 Ways to Play in Your Street this Summer

The City of Seattle has given us 3 ways to shut our streets down to cars for play and parties–Play Streets, National Night Out, and Block Parties.


The blue dot represents a current play street. The red dots are previous playstreets. Go to http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/playstreets.htm for the interactive map.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has a pilot program called Play Streets that will close your street down for play on a reoccurring basis.  In 2014, there was a block (shown to the left in the blue) that had a play street for every home Huskies football game. There is a nice Play Streets Handout you can pass around so we can get more dots on this map.



Earlier this week we reported on National Night Out funds being available.  National Night Out is sponsored by the Seattle Police Department as way to create community, and therefore deter crime.  National Night Out is always the first Tuesday of August and you can apply by going to SPD’s website.



As we reported last summer, if you decide that the first Tuesday in August for National Night Out isn’t a good time for your block to have a party, you can close your street down any time you wish as long as you follow the simple rules below:

  • Do not live on an arterial street,
  • Do not close your intersection,
  • Do not have a bus stop on your block,
  • Clean up and restore your street before 10pm,
  • Do not request more than one block party per month.