New police beats

For the first time since 2008, the Seattle Police Department shifted the boundaries of its 51 police beats. The change was made to improve officer supervision and public safety service, better align police patrols with Seattle’s neighborhoods, and achieve a major milestone in the department’s work toward reform with the Department of Justice.


Here is a close-up of the beats covering Ravenna-Bryant:

rbca beats 2015

Beginning January 28, the department increased the number of patrols squads and sergeants at each of SPD’s five precincts with the goal of improving each precinct’s officer-to-supervisor ratio. This is to enable supervisors to work more closely with officers, providing guidance in investigations, reviewing use of force, and ensuring quality of public service.

As part of the patrol map realignment, the department will also revise neighborhood-based crime data available on My Neighborhood Maps, Tweets By Beat and Data.Seattle.Gov to reflect the new beat boundaries.