City Attorney to Collect Sisley Fines

Seattle Times photo of Hugh Sisley
On Wednesday February 19th, RBCA President Tony Provine and Roosevelt  Neighborhood Association (RNA) President Dirk Farrell met with City Attorney  Pete Holmes regarding the City’s enforcement actions on the Sisley  properties.  It appears that the City Attorney’s Office is resolute in  their desire to deal with this matter firmly and without delay.   Mr.  Holmes expressed no desire to seek any less than full and immediate  compliance and is not interested in seeking a compromise or settlement  agreement.  Mr. Holmes was very receptive to RBCA and RNA recommendations  for appropriate compensation to our neighborhoods for bearing the brunt of  damaging impacts from Sisley’s blighted properties.  The fines to date  levied against these properties total nearly $3 million.   Mr.  Holmes said he appreciated our communities’ involvement and support and he  agreed to communicate any updates as they develop.
City Attorney, Pete Holmes has agreed to speak to our community on May  6, 2014 on the Sisley Case and will bring with him other City officials to share  information about the case.