Choose 1 of 4 Options for 65th

The City wants to know what folks would like to see on the BMP (Bicycle Master Plan) for NE 65th.  You have 4 choices, which you can see by completing this survey put out by SDOT.  SDOT will also have an open house at Ravenna  Eckstein on Wednesday October 16th from 5:30 to 7 pm.

Anyone can fill out the City’s survey, however, even if they don’t live in our neighborhood.   The RBCA also has a survey about NE 65th, but asks questions that go beyond just cycle track or no cycle track. Anyone can fill out this survey, too, even if they don’t live in RBCA.  But, if you send an email to your neighbors with this link then our responses should outweigh those of folks who live elsewhere, right?  What will we do with the results from this survey?  We’ll be able to tell the City, and current/future developers, what our residents envision for the entire streetscape along NE 65th.

The RBCA has also written a letter to the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) thanking them for their work on NE75th, and asking them to work with us to find solutions to improve NE 65th.  You can read this letter here:RBCA NE75th letter