City Council Candidates Forum coming to Magnuson Park (update)

UPDATE (October 6): We’ve been told that Councilmember Tim Burgess will be attending, which means that every candidate for each of the five positions will be in attendance.Councilmember Burgess is not attending after all. We regret the error.


The Northeast District Council invites you to a City Council Candidates Forum on Monday, October 17, from 7-9 PM. The forum is being held at Magnuson Park Building 406 (The Brig).

Confirmed candidates as of October 4th are as follows (names linked to campaign sites; “I” stands for “incumbent”):

Position 1: Bobby Forch and Jean Godden (I)

Position 3: Bruce Harrell (I) and Brad Meacham

Position 5: Dale Pusey and Tom Rasmussen (I)

Position 7: Tim Burgess (I) David Schraer

Position 9: Sally Clark (I) and Dian Ferguson

The King County General Election date is November 8, 2011 (when mail-in ballots are due). Statements from all candidates are available at the King County Elections website.


This post originally appeared on the Ravenna Blog.