Support RBCA

The RBCA is completely volunteer-driven. Your financial support pays for postage, technology and other tools we need to serve you.

Please consider becoming a community member of the RBCA. Memberships are just $10 for individuals and $15 for families (2 or more residents in the household). We can accept cash or checks (payable to RBCA), brought to any meeting, or mailed to: RBCA, c/o Ravenna-Bryant Community Center, 6535 Ravenna Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98115.


I’ll drop a check but want you to know you might take a look at the Wedgwood community council. They have an annual membership, its payable online, and they ask $25 a year. That is not too steep to drive real community involvement. RBC is a huge area with many different micro focuses I am sure.

I am joining both as I live on NE 65th and 37th NE and feel in the middle.


Inga Manskopf

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the comment! Over the past few years, the RBCA board has not actively collected membership dues because we did not have the capacity to spend money on projects. All of our activities required no funding or board members lacked the time needed to conduct activities that may have cost money.

However, your comment is perfectly timed! Now that a committee recently formed to plan a community event — Ravennafest — we are re-thinking our need to raise money through membership fees. So, stay tuned . . . for renewed efforts to raise money and for information about Ravennafest!

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