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RBCA Mobility Improvement Action Plan 2016-2017


In 2015, the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association board adopted a vision statement to guide our activities and provide focus for advocacy. The RBCA vision is that in 20 years: Ravenna-Bryant is a welcoming, thriving, safe, diverse, and connected neighborhood. 

For Ravenna-Bryant to be a safe neighborhood, community members must be able to walk, bike, and drive motor vehicles without the fear of injury or death. The City of Seattle has launched several campaigns and road improvement projects over the past few years including Vision Zero, Safe Routes to Schools, and an updated Pedestrian Master Plan. While these activities will benefit Ravenna-Bryant, not all of our neighborhood’s mobility safety problems will be addressed.

The RBCA board receives a great deal of input from community members about mobility safety problems in our neighborhood. Information has been gathered through board meetings; community meetings; talking with neighbors; and city data. To increase outreach to those who board members don’t regularly come into contact with, RBCA conducted an online survey in the spring of 2016 to gain additional input. The input received informally and through the survey helped to define the mobility problems of most concern to our neighbors.

While the RBCA board will work with neighbors to address emerging or critical problems as they arise, RBCA will pro-actively focus on a few mobility-related problems in 2016-17 with the overarching goal of improving pedestrian safety. 

RBCA’s 2016-17 Priorities

Priority 1: Advocate for safety improvements along NE 65th Street between 15th Avenue NE and 40th Avenue NE.

Rationale: NE 65th Street has been identified as one of the most dangerous streets in the city. Over the last three years, 68 people have been hospitalized after crashes on NE 65th Street between 5th and 35th Avenues. One person died. Injuries were sustained by motorists, bikers, and pedestrians.

Action Items

  • Continue to partner with Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA) and NE Seattle Greenways to increase outreach and amplify messages.
  • Meet with Councilmember Johnson to support his advocacy with the City Council and inclusion of funds in Seattle budget.
  • Through RBCA website, FB page, and Twitter, educate community members about best practices for creating safe streets.
  • Monitor Pedestrian Master Plan and its implementation in R-B. Report regularly to RBCA board about implementation and post information to RBCA electronic media.
  • Investigate the installation of speed signs that let motorists know how fast they are diving.

Priority 2: Advocate for the enforcement of speeding laws and road improvements to reduce speeding motor vehicles on NE 55th Street, NE 65th Street, and NE 75th Street.

Rationale: Drivers speeding in their motor vehicles was the most common complaint among community members who took the RBCA mobility survey.

Action Items
Advocate with leaders in the North Precinct to conduct speed emphasis patrol along arterial roads in Ravenna-Bryant.
Identify road improvements that are proven methods for reducing speeds and educate community members about them.
Post Vision Zero signs on arterial roads

Priority 3: Educate community members about laws regarding yielding to pedestrians.

Rationale: In addition to drivers speeding on neighborhood streets, community members commonly complain about drivers not yielding to pedestrians crossing arterial roads. Many children walk to school and must cross at least one arterial road.

Action Items
Use neighborhood social media and websites to educate community members about the laws.
Install signs with the message: Yield to pedestrians, it’s the law.

Priority 4: Continue to advocate and search for funding for sidewalks on NE 50th Street between 30th and 35th Avenues NE.

Rationale: This is an ongoing RBCA project.  University Village has given mitigation funds to SDOT with a recommendation that the money be spent to build sidewalks on NE 50th Street. The funds could pay for about half of the project. As one of the few neighborhood streets that lead to the U-Village area, sidewalks on NE 50th Street are needed to increase pedestrian safety and access to this major retail area.

Action Items
Continue advocacy with SDOT to ensure U-Village mitigation funds are used to build sidewalks and not other projects.
Other activities to be determined.


Thank you to the following community members who contributed to the development of this action plan: Jorgen Bader, Rob Elleman, David Katz, Nancy Kirkner, Katherine Mackinnon, Inga Manskopf, Ash Miller, Josephine Pompey, Andres Salomon.

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