Ravenna-Bryant Community Association

Serving the Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods in Seattle, WA

Ravenna-Bryant Community Association - Serving the Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods in Seattle, WA

Former “Bill the Butcher” Site to Become Two Restaurants

The former “Bill the Butcher” site on the south end of Ravenna-Bryant will soon be home to two restaurants owned by Josh Henderson of Westward.   These restaurants replace the original “Bike Hotel” idea proposed by developer Ron Sher.  The Laurelhurst Community Club also wrote about this property in their blog.


According to this article in Seattle Met, the upstairs restaurant will face the Burke Gilman Trail and have “juices and pastry in the morning, salads and plates of charcuterie with cheese and crusty bread by day, and bistro fare at night.”

The restaurant facing NE 45th Street at 36th Ave NE will be a burger shack.  The developer Ron Sher also owns the beloved Third Place Books and Vios Café in our neighborhood.



35th Ave Plan, Bryant Heights, and Theodora Updates

On Tuesday June 10th, from 7-9 p.m. at the Messiah Lutheran Church (7050 35th AVE NE) the RBCA Land Use Committee will host a meeting to get updates on the following:


  • The 35th AVE Committee Chair Per Johnson will give us a run down of what has occurred so far with the planning for the business district on 35th.(http://35thneighborhoodplan.blogspot.com/) The 35th Ave Committee also has the second of the three public meetings on Wednesday June 11th, also at Messiah Lutheran 7-9 p.m.


  • Polygon Homes will update us on their 3.7 acre project on NE 65th between 32nd and 34th Ave.  You can read about more about that project here.


  • Representatives from Goodman Real Estate and Volunteers of America will give us an update on the process of relocating the current Theodora residents, as well as give us an idea about their construction schedule for remodeling the building.  You can read more about the Theodora here.

Please help us spread the word.


Update: RBCA Board meets with CHSW staff about their property on NE 65th Street

On May 21, two representatives from Ravenna-Bryant Community Association’s (RBCA) board and three neighbors of Children’s Home Society of Washington (CSHW) met with CHSW President Sharon Osborne, Vice President of Administration/Chief Financial Officer Heather Ritts and two brokers from the real estate firm handling the sale, Heartland, to discuss the sale of the 3.7-acre property on 65th Street between 32nd and 34th Avenue Northeast.

CHSW, a 115 year-old organization, aims to “develop healthy children, create strong families, build engaged communities, and speak and advocate for children.” Their core program services have shifted slightly in recent years reflecting changing needs among the children and families they serve. As Osborne explained, they have moved away from running residential facilities such as those located on the Ravenna property, and now focus more on in-home services.

CHSW retained Heartland more than five years ago to help review the organization’s overall real estate, including the Ravenna site.  However, the organization still provided residential services on 65th Street site, and in addition to the “economic tsunami” of 2008, it didn’t make sense for them to sell any of their properties at the bottom of the market. Also, CHSW has a strong connection to the site, which has lasted more than 100 years, and the agency wanted to retain the property because of its historical significance. However, developers expressed strong interest in buying the site as the economy turned and the residential program closed in 2010, so they have decided to explore the possibility of a sale. The deadline to submit offers was May 17.

During the meeting, Osborne explained that CHSW consists of two nonprofits; the first runs programs and services, and a second one manages their real estate and other assets. CHSW has a total of seven properties across Washington state. Both of these 501c3s have boards, and both of these boards will need to review offers on the property before they can make a final decision regarding a sale.  The boards meet quarterly and “don’t sit on things for very long.” It’s anticipated that a decision in consideration of the offers would be made relatively soon.

The CHSW made it clear that they are not excited to be selling this location, and they will be sad to go. However, it does not make sense for them to keep such a valuable piece of property that they are not using fully, especially when the proceeds from a sale such as this could enable them to provide services for the children and families whom they serve for many years to come. They have assured us that they will let us know if and when an offer goes under contract as soon as they know. We will, in turn, let the community know.