Updated agenda: RBCA board meets Tuesday, December 5

RBCA Board Meeting

Though this is a board meeting, all are welcome to participate!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center


6:30      Welcome & Introductions

6:35      Union Bay Place developments

6:50      Executive Committee Reports

  • Secretary’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • President’s Report
    • New business: 2018 Workplan
    • Old business: Membership Chair vacancy

7:10      Committee Reports

  • Land Use Committee
    • *Mandatory Housing Affordability Environmental Impact Statement (MHA EIS)*

 *This item was removed from the agenda after RBCA board members requesting/leading the conversation indicated that they are unable to attend the meeting/requested that it be removed. 

  • Transportation Committee
    • NE 50th Street sidewalks
    • World Day of Remembrance message to CM Johnson
    • UW Husky Stadium Transit Master Plan
  • Bylaw Workgroup

8:10      Reports from associated community groups

  • City University Community Advisory Council – CUCAC
  • Ravenna-Eckstein Advisory Board


Jean amick

Two questions –
1. Are you working with Katherine Burke to get safer, better access to ST train station ?

2. It appears all of Union Bay place NE has been refined raising height limits 15feet or more?? True?

Any info on above would be helpful
Jean Amick

Inga Manskopf

Prior to the UW Husky Stadium light rail station opening, RBCA advocated for creating better access to the station: http://www.ravennabryant.org/2014/10/we-want-better-connection-to-new-st-husky-stadium/

The RBCA board continues to advocate for better access to transit, including light rail at Husky Stadium. As part of our work in partnership with the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association and NE Seattle Greenways, our #Fix65th advocacy campaign highlights the need for better access to the Roosevelt light rail station when it opens in a few years. During our 12/5 board meeting, we will discuss providing comments to UW regarding their Husky Stadium Transit Master Plan. Anyone interested in advocating for better access to transit in the Ravenna-Bryant neighborhood is encouraged to participate in RBCA board meetings.

As far as proposed zoning changes in Ravenna-Bryant, neighbors can read four earlier posts to this website (posted between November 16 and 26) for an overview. Along Union Bay Place, the City is proposing that the east side of the street be re-zoned from Neighborhood Commercial 2 – 40 feet to Neighborhood Commercial 2 – 55 feet, adding 15 feet in allowable height. The west side of the street is currently zoned Neighborhood Commercial 2 – 65 feet and the City is proposing that it be zoned Neighborhood Commercial 2 – 75 feet, adding 10 feet in allowable height. The west side of the street is part of the University Urban Center.

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