What would it look like to walk next to the proposed University Village garage?

A Design Review Board meeting about the proposed 7-story University Village garage on 25th Avenue NE is scheduled for Monday, September 25, 8:00 p.m. at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford.

Here are some of the drawings of the latest design proposal from a pedestrian’s point of view.

Drawing of proposed University Village west garage. The people in this image are walking in front of the Office Depot driveway.
Walking south on 25th Avenue NE along the proposed University Village west garage.
Street view of bus stop, micro retail, and pedestrian entrance to the proposed University Village west garage.
Pedestrian passageway from 25th Ave NE through the proposed University Village west garage.
Car, bike, and pedestrian entrances to University Village at the south end of the proposed west garage. (That’s Restoration Hardware on the right.) 

All documents related to the proposed garage are available online under project 3025629. Comments about the garage design may be sent to the Design Review Board at PRC@seattle.gov.

suzanne Ferris

The garage is oppressive, stalinistic and out of porportionvto the rest of the village. Since when do cars get to dictate the landscape along an important pedestrian focused access point to a beautifully landscaped 25th Ave entrance? Cars will be obsolete soon.


Just what we need: more cars in the U District. University Village has already slowed all transit in the area to a crawl, and they want to build more parking? It takes my bus ten minutes to get off UW campus and onto Sand Point Way as it is.