Update: NE 65th Street Vision Zero Project

Between 2012 and April 2017, there were 232 collisions on NE 65th Street, according to information shared by SDOT during an April public meeting. All of the collisions that resulted in serious injuries or deaths involved people walking or biking.  Just last winter, an 80 year-old woman was killed walking across NE 65th Street in the crosswalk by Third Place.

In 2016, RBCA, in partnership with the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association and NE Seattle Greenways, launched the #Fix65th campaign to raise awareness of the safety problems along the NE 65th Street corridor and to call for road improvements. After conducting community outreach and gaining input from neighbors, this summer the Seattle Department of Transportation released final plans for changing the road design.

Below are plans for the area of NE 65th Street between NE Ravenna Blvd and Roosevelt Way NE as well as the section between 12th Ave NE and 20th Avenue NE.

In the Ravenna neighborhood, these are the primary changes. The only change on NE 65th Street east of 20th Avenue NE is the removal of peek parking restrictions.

More information about the project is available on SDOT’s NE 65th Street Vision Zero webpage.

Garrett Cobarr

The question still remains, where are the police in conforming driver behavior through enforcement?

Why not try the obvious first before we further restrict commercial traffic and further damage small business and the working class’s ability to get to and do their work?

Far, far cheaper.