Richard Fuhr

At this point, until I learn more about the details, I am neutral about the need or desirability of yet another parking garage for University Village. However, on a related matter, I would like to see University Village management as well as King County Metro do more to encourage and to facilitate public transportation to and from University Village in at least the following ways. 1. Have transit information kiosks, with maps and schedules, located at one or more places within University Village. There are such kiosks, for instance, both at Northgate and at Bellevue Square. 2. Provide much better access to the NE-bound bus stops for the routes 65 and 75. In order to reach those bus stops now, pedestrians must cross a very busy street (NE 45th Street), with typically long wait times to get across the street. That is a very pedestrian-unfriendly experience. A pedestrian bridge over NE 45th Street would be one possible remedy.

Andrew Sang

I agree with Richard F. There are too many cars flowing to that region, and the roads to the south and west are already extremely congested. Having better transit integration should be more desirable than creating more and more parking.

Darcy Rue

I hate that that the village keeps building up, there are three parking garages and parking throughout the center. It used to feel like a fun and comfortable place to spend an afternoon with my kids, now I avoid it at all costs. I would rather see more green spaces and an effort to make the village a place for community rather than turning it into a large mall. If people want to spend extra time there, they will shop there.