Package theft prevention tips

packageA message from Mary Amberg, the Seattle Police Department North Precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator:

We are at a time of year when we see an increase in package thefts from homes. Some package thieves will follow or watch for delivery trucks and then target a home after a delivery is made. Other thieves may just happen to see the package left at the doorstep of the home, in plain view of the street, and help themselves.

To reduce the opportunity for packages to be left unattended on your porch, we encourage you to communicate with the carrier and request one of the following delivery options:

  • Track your shipment: All of the major delivery companies offer package tracking, some providing free alerts letting you know where your package is in the shipping process.
  • Have items delivered to your place of business rather than your home.
  • Require a signature upon delivery.
  • Pick up items from the carrier’s local hub.
  • Ask the delivery service to hold your package for customer pick-up at their local facility.
  • Request the package be left with a trusted neighbor who has agreed to accept the package for you.
  • Arrange for the package to be shipped to another location where someone can receive it. This could be the leasing office at your apartment complex or even the local “mailbox” business that may agree to accept shipment of your item for a fee.

If none of the above are viable options, at the very least request the package be placed in a discrete location not visible from the street.

The SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator’s can help with:

  • Setting up a Block Watch for your block.
  • Talking about ongoing crime problems and working to resolve crime on your block.
  • Setting up a “Block Tour” so everyone understands problems specific to your immediate neighborhood.