Ask councilmembers to include NE 65th Street safety study in 2017 budget

Photo courtesy of Seattle City Council #Fix65th Flickr album.

If you follow RBCA on Twitter, this week you’ve seen short videos of people crossing NE 65th Street that make you wonder how more of our neighbors haven’t been injured or killed along this busy arterial road. The videos bolster RBCA’s focus on advocating for a safer NE 65th Street for pedestrians, bikers, and motorists.

Do you want NE 65th Street to be a safer road for all? Here’s a chance to have your voice heard. 

Right now, the Seattle City Council is discussing what programs to fund at the Department of Transportation. Your voice and your story will make a difference and help get a safety study funded in the 2017 budget. You can help by:

Showing up to Council chambers in City Hall (600 4th Ave) on Monday, October 10 at 2:30 p.m. to speak for a minute or two about why 65th needs to be fixed. Let us know if you can make it to speak!

Send an email to the whole Council at A personal note is best.

In person or by email, let the Council know:

  • How you currently use NE 65th Street and if you would walk or bike on it more if it were safer.
  • What you see as the biggest safety problem on NE 65th.
  • If you’ve ever seen or experienced a crash or near-miss. These stories at especially impactful.
  • The Council can make a difference by funding a study to fix NE 65th in the 2017 budget.