Neighborhood Street Fund projects in Ravenna-Bryant

The Seattle Department of Transportation’s Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) pays for transportation-related projects proposed and prioritized by neighborhoods. Two of the top five NE Seattle NSF project proposals this year are in Ravenna-Bryant.

Re-imagining NE 85th Street: In this section of NE 85th Street, part of the road is in Ravenna-Bryant and part of it is in Wedgwood. This year, neighbors came together to make improvements to this busy section of the street that connects Ravenna Avenue and 20th Avenue NE and doesn’t include sidewalks. Their NSF proposal is for adding sidewalks and planting strips for storm water management.

Seattle Department of Transportation’s drawing of the proposed project on NE 85th Street.

Sidewalks on NE 50th Street: For more than three years, RBCA board members have been working to get sidewalks installed on NE 50th Street between 30th and 35th Avenues NE, immediately south of Cavalry Cemetery. The NSF proposal is also for sidewalks and a planting strip. Thanks to ongoing advocacy by RBCA, University Village paid mitigation fees to SDOT and requested that the money be used to build the sidewalk. The funds could pay for a portion of the project.

Seattle Department of Transportation’s drawing of the proposed project on NE 50th Street.

Projects from around the city may be viewed online. Other projects in NE Seattle are:

Safe I-5 Crossing at NE 70th Street

U-District Alley Activation

Weedin Place Project

Later this fall, SDOT will make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council about which projects should be funded. Generally, 10-12 projects are funded citywide per three-year cycle.

Regardless of the outcome, RBCA will continue to advocate for sidewalks on NE 50th Street and support further plans for sidewalks on NE 85th Street. Sidewalks are essential infrastructure for creating neighborhoods that are safe for everyone. Interested in advocating for either of these projects? Leave a message through the Contact Us page.