Emergency prep activities planned for this year

A message from the RBCA Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair:

Back in the day we all knew our neighbors. Some of us still do. Many of us do not. We live in a region of extraordinary beauty, a region that has been built from the forces of nature. Sometimes, nature reminds us that we need to plan ahead, prepare and that we can be strongest when we work together to protect our families and neighborhoods.

This year (fall, winter, spring), in partnership with Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (RECC) a group of us from Ravenna-Bryant Community Association (RBCA) and from within our community are putting together emergency preparedness “conversations” for our community.

September through May

The Ravenna-Bryant Community Association (RBCA), through email lists and on our website, will introduce a “Task A Month” of the items to gather to build your emergency preparedness kit.

January, February, and March

Community members will present information at the RECC on block, neighborhood, and community organization including time for neighbor-to-neighbor meet and greets. Details will be posted on the RBCA website emergency preparedness page (which we’ll be ramping up to host interactive discussion, post links, etc.).


The RBCA annual meeting will include a hands-on workshop and presentation by the Seattle Office of Emergency Management on utility control and water storage.

And finally, we hope to have PRIZES for participation (pending funding), and we will finish the year with an anonymous survey to see how many people “got prepared!”


Oralea Howard

What a great approach to get more people engaged with emergency preparedness. Thank you for taking this on!