Prevent burglaries: Lock windows when not at home

As we start opening our windows to take in the warm weather, it’s time to think about preventing burglaries by securing windows when not home. Here are some tips from the Seattle Police Department:

Windows are a primary point of entry used by burglars.  Without question, window security is a must.  In terms of security, windows pose the greatest problem.  Windows are left unlocked and open more often than doors.  An open window, visible from the street or alley, may be the sole reason for your home to be selected by a burglar.  The best window security advice is this: anytime you are away from home, close and lock your windows.

• Ground floor windows are more susceptible to break-ins and should be given priority for security improvements.

• Upper floor windows become attractive if they can be accessed from a stairway, tree, fence, ladder, or by climbing on balconies.

• Windows have latches, not locks, and therefore should have secondary blocking devices to prevent sliding them open from the outside.

• Windows that are painted shut do not keep burglars out.  Burglars often pry these open.

• Keep expensive equipment and items away from your windows.

• Use curtains or blinds over any windows or doors that are easy to see into.

For a detailed flyer from SPD about window security, please leave a message on our Contact Us page.