Getting to UW Link light rail station from Ravenna-Bryant

Today, Sound Transit announced that the University of Washington Link light rail station at Husky Stadium will open on March 19, 2016.

Since the station is just two miles from Bryant Elementary School and less than that from some parts of the Bryant neighborhood, many of our neighbors will be using this station to get to Capitol Hill, Downtown, and points south. This is especially true for neighbors who bike, considering Ravenna-Bryant’s easy access to the Burke-Gilman Trail, or ride the bus.

Over at the University of Washington’s Transportation Services blog, they’ve been posting information about light rail and how UW employees and students can take advantage of it. Some of this information can be equally useful for Ravenna-Bryant community members who will access light rail at UW Station.

4 things to know about bicycles and Link light rail

What University Link light rail means for bus riders

ulink-aerial - bus links
Bus routes serving UW Link light rail station. Photo courtesy of University of Washington Transportation Services.

For more information about buses that will take you to UW Station, visit Metro’s website.