How did Ravenna-Bryant vote?

On November 3, Seattleites  for the first time voted in district elections. Of the 55,309 registered voters in District 4, of which Ravenna-Bryant is a part, 26,068 (47%) returned ballots.

Voters in our community chose Tim Burgess and Lorena Gonzalez in the citywide council races and were in favor of Seattle Initiative 122 dealing with campaign finance. Except for the one precinct immediately east of the cemetery, Ravenna-Bryant voters chose Rob Johnson to represent District 4 on the City Council.

Johnson vote Nov 2015
Map of Ravenna-Bryant precincts and how they voted in the District 4 City Council race. Blue precincts voted for Rob Johnson. Map thanks to

Except for the precinct to the east and south of Eckstein Middle School, Ravenna-Bryant voters supported the Move Seattle Levy (Seattle Proposition 1).

move seattle vote 2015
Map of Ravenna-Bryant precincts and how they voted on Seattle Proposition 1, the Move Seattle Levy. Precincts shaded green voted in favor of the levy. Map thanks to

For reference, here is a map of Ravenna-Bryant in green.

Ravenna Bryant map