Ravenna-Bryant has how many restaurants?

If you had to guess, how many places to eat or drink do you think are in the Ravenna-Bryant neighborhood?  If someone said 35, would you be surprised?

sod house
A sampling of some of the food sold at Sod House Bakery, one of 16 places to get something to eat or drink along Ravenna’s “restaurant row.” Photo courtesy of Ravenna Blog, used with permission.

1. Third Place Pub
2. Vios
3. Zeeks
4. Bagel Oasis
5. Sod House Bakery
6. Crepe Café
7. Heidelberg Haus
8. Ravenna Alehouse
9. Muddy Waters Coffee
10. Varsity
11. Bai Pai
12. Sushi Wataru (coming soon)
13. Salare
14. Zouave
15. Harissa
16. daPino
17. Bryant Corner

third place pub yelp
Third Place Pub, in the basement of Third Place Books on the corner of NE 65th Street and 20th Avenue NE includes plenty of off-street bike and car parking. Photo courtesy of Yelp.

18. Kidd Valley
19. Krua Thai
20. Frank’s Oyster House
21. Queen Mary Tea
22. Duchess Tavern
23. Pair
24. Ventoux
25. Gaudi
26. Mioposto
27. Zoka
28. Mamma Melina
29. Plume
30. Pinkaew
31. McDonald’s
32. Subway
33. Papa John’s
34. Top Pot Doughnuts
35. Grateful Bread

franks-oyster-house_jen liu
Frank’s Oyster House on NE 55th Street. Photo by Jennifer Liu courtesy of Seattleite.

Coming soon: Ravenna Brewing Company and two new restaurants at the very south end of our community next to the Burke-Gilman Trail.

The abundance of places to eat and drink contributes to Ravenna and Bryant being considered very walkable and bikeable by Walk Score. Not to mention University Village, with its plethora of restaurants, is within easy walking and biking distance from a large portion of the neighborhood. Who needs to leave Ravenna-Bryant and be part of our city’s notorious traffic when you can walk or bike to a nearby restaurant?

Is this list missing a place to eat or drink in our neighborhood? Leave a comment below!