Ravenna-Bryant residents try biking to work

May was Bike Month in Seattle, a time when people are encouraged to try biking to and from work.

This year, statistics were shared about who biked and where they biked. It turns out that a large number of people in Ravenna-Bryant and surrounding area (zip codes 98105 and 98115) biked to and from work in May.

In 98115, 821 residents participated in Bike Month (pledging to bike at least four round-trips during the month) and logged 8,900 total trips. In 98105, 505 residents participated and logged a total of 5,656 total trips. The adjacent zip code of 98103 had the largest number of participants in the city: 1,148.

Zip code 98115 is home to 821 people who biked to work in May.

In addition to a large number of cyclists living in our area, 98105 is also where a large number (784) of Bike Month participants work. The large number is mostly linked with UW and Children’s; they were the businesses with the most participants in the city.