Burglaries, traffic safety among problems addressed by SPD’s policing plan for Ravenna-Bryant

Earlier this week, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) released Micro Community Policing Plans with the goal of addressing crimes of specific concern to each community. The plans are informed by SeaStat, a system launched in August 2014 to analyze real-time data and increase communication and cooperation throughout SPD.

The Micro Community Policing Plan for Ravenna-Bryant includes other neighborhoods including Roosevelt. Among identified community crime-related priorities are burglaries, drug use at Cowen Park, and traffic safety.

Burglaries: Among proposed solutions for reducing burglaries, the plan calls for the North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator to conduct more outreach and provide people with burglary prevention information.  Burglary prevention information is also available online.

Drug use at Cowen Park: Among proposals to reduce drug use at Cowen Park, the plan calls for more bike patrols and outreach to Roosevelt High School about students using drugs in the park during lunch break.

Traffic safety: The plan calls for additional outreach by the North Precinct Community Police Team and Crime Prevention Coordinator to educate people about pedestrian and bike safety. It also calls for working more closely with the community to identify places of particular concern and then requesting assistance from the Traffic Section of SPD to work in the areas.

The Ravenna-Bryant Community Association would like to hear from you: Does this plan reflect your neighborhood crime-related concerns? Leave a message in the comment section below. Or, better yet, have your concerns heard directly by SPD and attend RBCA’s May 5 annual meeting. It will start at 7:00 p.m. at Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center.