Sisley News from City Attorney’s Office

Last year, the City Attorney announced that his office was taking vigorous steps to enforce the fines and penalties that had been piling up on Sisley’s properties (at the intersection of 65th and 15th, among other locations). In May, 2014 City Attorney Pete Holmes spoke at an RBCA community meeting to discuss the actions his office was taking.  Since then, RBCA has continued to monitor progress.  This matter seems to be moving through the legal system at the usual rate of speed for such cases.  We are hopeful of hearing of a resolution soon and that it will lead to creating a better environment for that area.  Until that legal case is settled, development of some of these properties has been postponed.  The following is RBCA’s report on the issue based on a statement from the City Attorney’s office today:

In response to the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association’s (RBCA) inquiries about the status of enforcement actions on the Sisley properties in the vicinity of NE 65th Street and 15th Avenue NE, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office informed RBCA that the City is still aggressively pursuing the matter. With regards to three prior violations that gave rise to substantial civil penalties and judgments, the State Supreme Court previously denied the Sisleys’ request for judicial review leaving intact the Court of Appeals’ decision that the Sisleys are fully liable for the previously-imposed civil penalties and judgments. The City Attorney’s Office states that it will collect all penalties owing from the Sisleys and hold them to full compliance with the law.  Despite various defense maneuvers that have prolonged the case, the City Attorney expects to resolve in the near future the collection of civil penalties that arose from the existing judgments.
Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.
Nomore Slumlords

His dreams of Sisleyville may not be realized, but Hugh Sisley has done his best to bring a little touch of Detroit-like blight to Ravenna.

I can’t believe how long this ghetto-maker has been allow to keep his rat-infested properties standing (almost). Many of those building are disintegrating and, in the process of doing so are exposing all the old asbestos and other toxic materials to the public. What a nice thing to have right across the street from one of our largest high schools…not!

Let’s shut this guy down, once and for all. I guess this is a step in the right direction, but, I’ll tell you this as a long-time resident of the neighborhood….NOTHING good has ever come near a Sisley-owned property in years and years and years and pardon me if I’m skeptical at this point. I’ll believe it when I see it.