Ravenna-Bryant traffic safety discussed during community meeting

In addition to hearing from the City Attorney about legal actions being taken regarding the Sisley properties located in the Ravenna and Roosevelt neighborhoods, during RBCA’s May 6 community meeting neighbors heard from Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) staff members about pedestrian, bike, and motor vehicle safety locally.

They began with an overview of traffic-related trends.

  • In Seattle, while population is increasing, vehicular traffic volumes are declining and transit and bicycle volumes are increasing.
  • Though collisions are decreasing, there are nearly 12,000 collisions each year — about 33 crashed per day.

Traffic fatalities on Seattle streets

  • Most traffic fatalities and serious injuries are preventable.


In the Ravenna-Bryant area, several changes have been made to increase pedestrian safety.

  • As part of SDOT’s Safe Routes to School project, flashing lights and photo speed enforcement systems are being installed near schools.

Flashing beacons

Speed enforcement

  • After a recent hit and run incident on NE 55th Street that resulted in life-threatening injures to a pedestrian, RBCA reached out to SDOT.  As a result, SDOT conducted a traffic assessment that shows most vehicles on NE 55th Street drive at or near the speed limit.  SDOT staff also agreed that pedestrian safety measures should be taken.
  • Pedestrian safetyTo request studies of a road that may pose safety hazards, community members may contact SDOT at Neighborhood.Traffic@seattle.gov or 684-8681.

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