Demolition to Begin on Bryant Heights Project

The Seattle Fire Department has completed its “live fire” training exercises on the existing house located 6556 32nd Avenue.   Ravenna Blog has an excellent, and humorous, report on the fires here.

In addition to these exercises, the Seattle Fire Department have asked to conduct “destructive training”  on the remaining two single family homes located on the Bryant Heights property.  (3219 NE 68th Street and 3225 NE 68th Street)  This destructive training effort entails training the Recruits in the very important life safety practices of cutting open a roof  structure, breaking open doors and breaking through walls.   The Seattle Fire Department estimates that this training will go to the end of the day on Wednesday, May 21st.

On Thursday, May 22nd (following the completion of the destructive training), the demolition and removal of the remains from the burned house 6556 32nd Avenue and the two additional houses (3219 NE 68th Street and 3225 NE 68th Street) will be commenced.   This work will be completed by an experienced demolition and recycling contractor that specializes in demolition work in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, Demolition Man, Inc.  (

Consistent with the demolition permits issued by the City of Seattle, the above demolition activity will be completed within the following hours:

(1) Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

(2)  Saturday 9:00 AM  – 7:00 PM.

During this construction activity all employees of Demolition Man, Inc. will park within the limits of the Bryant Heights property and not use any of the existing street surface parking on 34th Avenue NE, and NE 68th Street.   The demolition team anticipates collecting the debris and recycling materials on site and then exporting these materials in accordance with the Bryant Heights Demolition Haul Route plan. (NE 68th Street to 32nd Avenue NE to NE 65th Street.)  In addition, prior to the export of any materials, the team will contact  adjacent property owners, including the St. Bridget’s Assumption School to avoid any conflicts.

The schedule for the entire project is here: Bryant-Heights-Preliminary-Project-Schedule.