City seeks input about neighborhood pedestrian zones

The Seattle Department of Planning & Development (DPD) is evaluating neighborhood retail areas to determine where to suggest adding to existing pedestrian retail areas (pedestrian zones). They will map these areas and apply rules to protect and promote pedestrian retail. They are also considering modifications to current regulations that would apply to existing and new pedestrian zones. Pedestrian retail areas are meant to serve neighborhood residents’ daily needs. They play a key role in creating safe neighborhoods where you would want to live, work, and shop.

DPD has reviewed areas around Seattle and prepared preliminary recommendations to kick-off a discussion with the community. They will prepare final recommendations after receiving your feedback. Please review preliminary recommendations and take a survey by February 28.

Pedestrian retail areas in the Ravenna-Bryant community include:

A pedestrian retail area:

  • Requires a building to have pedestrian-oriented businesses like shops and restaurants on the ground floor
  • Enhances pedestrian safety with rules about parking and driveway placement
  • Waives some parking requirements to encourage businesses to move into the area (in areas that have parking requirements)

DPD is considering the following additional rules in pedestrian zones:

  • Require wider sidewalks
  • Require overhead weather protection for new buildings
  • Limit businesses with drive-in lanes on the edges of pedestrian zones
  • Establish a minimum size for new development (minimum floor area ratios) in Urban Centers, Urban Villages, and Station Overlay Districts