Ravenna-Bryant community members agree: Our community should be more pedestrian friendly

Earlier this year, the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association (RBCA) conducted an online survey about the NE 65th Street corridor that runs through our community from 15th Avenue NE to 40th Avenue NE.  During last night’s RBCA Board meeting, results were discussed.

Who responded?

Of the people who responded, half reported living less than 5 blocks (about one-quarter mile) from NE 65th Street.  Twenty-five percent live 5-10 blocks away and another 25% live more than 10 blocks away.  Among respondents, 39% reported living in Ravenna and 34% reported living in Bryant.  (The remaining respondents mostly live in nearby neighborhoods and/or work in Ravenna-Bryant.)

 How do people get to NE 65th Street?

Driving alone is the most common (42%) way that people report accessing businesses on NE 65th Street.  Among those who drive alone, 39% live within 5 blocks.  Community members who drive alone primarily access businesses on NE 65th Street for consuming food or beverages.  Groceries/shopping was also among the top reasons for going to NE 65th Street. 

Walking is the second most common (28%) way of getting to NE 65th Street and less than 20% of respondents reported carpooling or biking.  Among those who typically walk, 76% said they live less than 5 blocks away. 


The vast majority (91%) of people said they think NE 65th Street is safe for driving, parking, and using public transportation.  Eighty-eight percent say it’s safe for walking and only 43% say it’s safe for biking.  Cyclists themselves report that biking is not safe on this street with only 22% agreeing that it is safe for biking.  People who drive were the most likely group to say that biking is safe on NE 65th Street, though less than 50% report this.


Among Ravenna-Bryant residents, 64% are comfortable with more development along NE 65th Street.  Those who are both for and against more development hold many similar concerns with traffic and congestion being the primary concern, by far.  Pedestrian and bike safety; poor planning and design; parking; and crime are also common concerns. 

 Many of those who are comfortable with additional development say that an increase in businesses along NE 65th Street would enable them to leave their cars at home instead of having to drive to businesses outside of the neighborhood.  Many of those who are not comfortable with more development say that it will lead to an increase in the number of people driving cars and overwhelm limited parking capacity.  More than two-thirds of survey respondents said that development is good if the area becomes more walkable and the streetscape is improved.  

Light Rail Impact

Most Ravenna-Bryant neighbors plan to use Light Rail when the Roosevelt Station opens – 63% of Bryant neighbors and 82% of Ravenna neighbors. 

The need to maintain or increase bus service in our community is evident since the #1 way that Bryant residents say they plan to get to the Roosevelt Station is by taking the bus.  The second and third most common ways they plan to get to the station is by walking or biking.  

The need to improve pedestrian and bike infrastructure in our community is evident with 54% of potential Ravenna Light Rail users planning to walk and 19% planning to bike.