Light Rail construction alert: NE 65th Street lane closures starting this week

JCM Northlink LLC, Sound Transit’s excavation and tunneling contractor, will start work in the NE 65th Street area on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.  JCM will be stabilizing the ground to prepare for the launch of the tunneling boring machines from the Roosevelt Station site.

This work will take about 3 months. Please note that underground utility work in 2014 will also affect NE 65th St.

How will this affect traffic?

  • North half of NE 65th Street will be closed west of 12th Ave NE for about half a block.
  • One lane of traffic will remain open on NE 65th St in both directions.
  • Eastbound on NE 65th St: no left turn onto 12th Ave NE. Detour to NE 64th St to access north-bound 12th Ave NE.

How will this affect my bus stop?

  • King County Metro bus stops on NE 65th St just east of 12th Ave NE will move temporarily farther east down the block. This affects the eastbound and westbound stops.

How will this affect parking?

  • Street parking will be closed on NE 65th St in the immediate vicinity of work.

How will this affect sidewalks?

  • Sidewalk will be closed on north side of NE 65th St adjacent to Sound Transit’s construction site.
  • Crosswalk on east side of the intersection of NE 65th St and 12th Ave NE will be closed intermittently.