Hit and Run on NE 55th

Last Thursday November 14th, at around 4 in the afternoon, a woman was hit on NE 55th and 27th Ave NE.  The Ravenna Bryant Community Association has written to Peter Hahn (peter.hahn@seattle.gov), Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation, asking him to review the speed and crossing issues on the entire NE 55th corridor from 25th NE to 35th NE.  We urge residents to write to him, as well.  Here is our letter:

November 18, 2013

Peter Hahn, Director, Seattle Department of Transportation

P.O. Box 34996, Seattle, WA   98124-4996


RE:  Pedestrian hit by  motor vehicle on NE 65th Street


Dear Mr. Hahn,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Ravenna-Bryant Community  Association (RBCA), I am writing to tell you about a serious hit and run event  that occurred in our community and to ask for your assistance.   On Thursday, November 14th at about 4:00 p.m., a female  pedestrian was hit by a driver on NE 55th Street near 27th Avenue NE, and was  carried on the windshield of the vehicle for 40 feet.   Our community is devastated by this incident, but few of us are  surprised.  

Vehicles are often seen on NE 55th travelling at unsafe speeds, moving  down the hill without any stop lights, crosswalks, or any other reason to temper  their speeds.  Vehicles going  eastbound on NE 55th gain speed as they prepare to climb the steep hill that  starts around 28th Avenue NE.  Because there is no crosswalk along NE  55th between 35th NE and 25th NE, pedestrians often dash across the street and  hope that no vehicles are approaching them or that the vehicles will slow for  them.  

We respectfully ask you to please review the speeding behavior on this  arterial, and to assess the need for crosswalks or other traffic calming  measures.


Tony  Provine, President