Changes to NE 75th Street to be completed by September 4

This week, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced that they will make the following changes to Northeast 75th Street between 15th Avenue Northeast and 35th Avenue Northeast:

  • Provide one general purpose motor vehicle travel lane in each direction.
  • Install a two-way center left turn lane.
  • Add a new marked crosswalk at 28th Avenue Northeast.
  • Stripe bicycle travel lanes in both directions.
  • Remove on-street parking on Northeast 75th Street, except at Nathan Eckstein Middle School where parking will be maintained for school buses and general parking.
  • Add photo enforcement cameras for the Nathan Eckstein school zone.

Changes to NE 75th Street

SDOT will begin implementing these changes the week of August 26th. It is their goal to complete the new roadway striping in time for the start of the school year on September 4th.

The changes were identified and approved after SDOT held five public meetings, read more than 300 letters and emails about the project, made numerous on-site observations, and reviewed traffic data.

According to SDOT, the goal of this project is to create streets that operate safely and efficiently for everyone. Since 2009 there have been 114 collisions reported along this one mile long corridor. Data shows that speeding is a problem on the roadway and that collisions involving left turning vehicles are common. With this project SDOT believes that speeds will drop and the number of collisions will be reduced. SDOT will monitor the conditions after the project is complete and make operational changes if necessary.

To view the project plans please visit To see what the City is doing city-wide on road safety, see If you have further questions or comments about this project, SDOT project manager Jim Curtin is available at 206-684-8874 or