Tentative agenda for July 2 board meeting

Agenda (tentative)
July 2, 2013 7-9 PM
Ravenna Bryant Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Third Place Pub (NEW LOCATION)

7:00 Introductions (Nazila)

7:05 Board Business – Quick Updates of ongoing business (Various)

  • Presidents Report
  • Treasurer’s report/Minutes (all on the RBCA Website)
  • NEDC update/CNC Update (Tony)
  • CHSW updates (Sarah R)
  • September meeting – who presides?
  • October Community Meeting – small group to put together agenda?

7:20 Blakeley and UVillage updates (Sarah S)

7:35 NE 65th Bike Corridor and Transit Masterplan – Discussion, impact on commercial districts, proposed survey, proposed letter, next steps (All)

8:05 Membership Rolls – how to reconstruct/moving forward (Nazila, Sarah R)

8:20 Communications (All)

  • easiest and most economical methods to disseminate information?
  • Twitter/Blog/Facebook/Listserv – best methods of outreach
  • resurrecting the newsletter in an electronic form
  • other thoughts?

8:35 Transportation Updates (Virginia)

8:45 Old Business (All)

8:55 Adjourn

Next meeting – September 3, 2013