May Board Meeting Agenda

Folks, it is time again to gather in the Teen room at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center at 7 pm to discuss topics near and dear to our community. Per Johnson from the Wedgwood Community Council will be joining us to talk about the proposed sale of the Children’s Home Society of Washington property. Albert Shen, who is running for City Council will be visiting us as well. We expect a lot of discussion around transportation and pedestrian issues in and around Children’s Hospital and NE 75th.

We’re also looking for some great people to join the Board and run for office!

The Agenda as it stands (subject to change)

May 7, 2013 7-9 PM
Ravenna Bryant Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Ravenna Eckstein Community Association

7:00 Introductions (Jorgen)
7:05 Board Business (Various)
• President’s report – SNAP
• Nominations for President (Jorgen)
• Treasurer’s report/Minutes (none for April Community Meeting)
• NEDC update (Tony)
• April Community Meeting Debrief
7:20 WCC/35th Ave NE Neighborhood Planning District conversation with CHSW (Per)
7:35 Discussion on our next steps, including meeting with CHSW in a smaller group (All)
7:50 Albert Shen – Candidate for Seattle City Council (Albert Shen/Jorgen)
8:05 Updates from Jenny and the City (Jenny)
8:15 Transportation updates (various)
• Improvements at NE 75th and further plans for improving pedestrian safety
• Upcoming/Potential improvements at Blakeley (potential charrette with CBE)
8:30 Pedestrian Issues – (various)
• 40th Ave NE and B-G trail (Josephine)
• Sidewalk encroachment (Jorgen)
• NE 55th and 39th NE (Jorgen)
8:45 Old Business (All)
8:55 Adjourn
Next meeting – June 4, 2013