Yesterday’s Fatalities: SPD, SDOT to come to RECC next Tuesday

In response to the tragic accident on NE 75th in front of our Eckstein Middle School, the RBCA has arranged to hold a community meeting at the Ravenna Eckstein Community Center’s gymnasium, from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday April 2nd, 2013.


SPD and SDOT have indicated, via Twitter, that they  will attend.  The Mayor’s office has also been invited, but has not replied.  We’re working on getting someone from the prosecutor’s office to explain DUI penalties.  Details on representatives from our City who will attend the meeting will be released as they are confirmed.  And, your suggestions are welcome, and encouraged.  Whom would YOU like to see invited to speak to the community?  Feel free to invite them yourself—the gym is a large space.


There are many pieces to this issue, and we need to be clear as a community what it is that will help resolve our arterials being used as highways.  SPD has been pulling over speeders in front of Eckstein this morning, which is a great start.  More permanent changes are in order, so please think about what exactly we want to ask for as a community to prevent this kind of tragedy from occurring again.


The Wedgwood Community Council has put together this blog post about the incident, and we’re working on setting up a memorial fund for the family at one of our local banks.  Also, thanks to Ravenna Blog for her coverage of the story.