Preview of the design for RHS blocks next Tuesday

John Adams, newly elected Chair of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee, has just announced a meeting to reveal the design for Roosevelt Development Group building in front of Roosevelt High School on Tuesday June 26th – 7:00PM at Cavalry Christian Assembly – 6801 Roosevelt Way NE. 

John has these comments about the meeting on June 26th:

“I believe the developer will be proposing a scheme with a large central courtyard that will be open to the High School.  I see this as a positive turn of events architecturally speaking.

The scheme is however the full height allowed by the new zoning code of an average of 65 feet.

This is a private showing for the neighborhood and is not an official public meeting. So no one from the City will be taking notes in case you wish to make an official statement for the record. Of course your comments are welcome once we get through the presentation of the scheme.”

The RNA, as well as members of the RBCA board, participated in meetings with the Roosevelt Development Group earlier this year to ensure the needs of the neighborhood were not forgotten.  No news yet on when the Design Review Board meeting will be held, but this meeting on June 26th is the neighborhood’s first opportunity to hear what steps were taken to incorporate the community’s concerns into the design of the new building.