Spring Community Meeting guest speakers line-up

RBCA President Sarah’s letter to the community in the Spring 2012 Newsletter is below, and includes a list of the guest speakers for the Spring Community Meeting next Tuesday, April 3:

Letter from the President
by Sarah Swanberg

It’s been a busy year for your community association.  Since you elected us last April, we have formed a Land Use Committee, a Transportation Committee, and a Communications and Community Resilience Committee, and we’re continuing to represent you on many neighborhood and city-wide associations such as the Northeast District Council, and the City Neighborhood Council.

We recently devoted a large chunk of time to seeing that the Roosevelt Rezone wouldn’t adversely affect the gateway to our neighborhood.  Things didn’t go our way; however, we are part of the design team working with the Roosevelt Development Group and their architects, GGLO.

Now we’re regrouping and looking forward, we’ve put together a fantastic community meeting for Tuesday, April 3, at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center, where we’ll hear from:

  • Jim Diers, former (and founding) director of the Department of Neighborhoods: Jim will present stories about the power of communities working together.  He’s known around the world for his work — check out his website at neighborpower.org.
  • Seattle City Council Member Sally Bagshaw, Chair of the Parks and Neighborhoods Committee: Councilmember Bagshaw will speak about the bourgeoning Greenway movement (more here: http://bit.ly/fzKax4), and answer your questions about the City’s relationship with neighborhoods.
  • Tom Donnelly, from the RBCA Land Use Committee, will discuss efforts to develop and review planning ideas for our own neighborhood, and hopefully get you thinking about ways that you can get involved.

We hope to see you at the upcoming meeting!