Agenda for the February RBCA Board Meeting, this Tuesday

Guests tonight include Per Johnson, Wedgwood Community Council Vice President and Land Use Chair, and Mark Griffin, President of the Roosevelt Neighbors’ Alliance.

7:00 Welcome and Introductions

  • Announcements
  • Approval of January Minutes
  • Treasurer’s report

7:20 Per Johnson: Wedgwood Community Council Vice President/Land Use Chair, 35th AVE NE Corridor

7:35 Virginia: transportation part of the 35th NE design

7:45 Mark Griffin: from Roosevelt Neighbors’ Alliance (RNA South) to introduce his group

7:50 The future of the RBCA Land Use Committee

8:00 Next Community Meeting/Newsletters

8:10 Committee Reports

  • Community/Communications Committee “CCC”
  • Marc with the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct Advisory Committee report
  • Transportation Committee-Jorgen: Washington State Department of Transportation Wedge

8:30 Old Business

8:35 New Business

8:45 Adjourn – Clean up room, coordinate with your committee