RBCA bylaws amended to annex the “donut hole”

Top Pot Donuts on 35th Ave NE has always been a part of the RBCA – but not so the unfortunate souls who (used to) live in the “donut hole” – an unincorporated part of the city that didn’t belong to any neighborhood association.

At the General Membership Meeting this month, the donut hole was unanimously approved to be a part of RBCA. The official boundaries of the RBCA, as outlined in our bylaw, now read:

Article III: Geographic Area

1.    This organization shall serve approximately the area of the City of Seattle within the following boundaries:

  • 15th Ave. NE on the west
  • Southward to NE 62nd St.
  • Southeastward along the northern and eastern edges of Ravenna Park to NE 55th St.
  • Southward along 25th Ave. NE to NE Blakeley St.
  • Eastward along NE Blakeley St. to 37th Ave. NE
  • Northeastward along Sand Point Way NE to 45th Ave NE
  • Northward to NE 65th St.
  • Westward to 35th 40th Ave. NE
  • Northward to NE 75th St.
  • Westward to 25th Ave. NE
  • Northward to NE 85th St.
  • Westward to Lake City Way NE
  • Southward to 15th Ave. NE